Vanessa Hudgens just wore the most on-trend hairstyle of 2022, while stranded on the freeway

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So it seems that after *deep breath* Simone Ashley, Megan Fox, Dua Lipa, Millie Bobby Brown, Khloe Kardashian (and basically EVERY celebrity in Hollywood around the globe at this point), joined the baby braids club *and exhale*, our girl Vanessa Hudgens has also hopped on the trend, earning her well-deserved membership. T&Cs ∼do not∼ apply.

However, unlike the other stars who have shared posed Instagram selfies of their hairstyles, Vanessa has only gone and debuted the look whilst stranded on the freeway. Oh dear. And BTW, that's 'motorway' to us British folk.

In her latest Instagram Story, the actor posted a three-part video telling us all about her morning struggles. "So normally I don't like saying this publicly, but man, do I hate my Tesla. And my Tesla really hates me," says Vanessa. She continues to share that her car stopped driving mid-way on the freeway, leaving her and her dog not only stranded but also late for work. I think this is my equivalent of TFL tube delays. Yikes.

Photo credit: Vanessa Hudgens @vanessahudgens - Instagram
Photo credit: Vanessa Hudgens @vanessahudgens - Instagram

Although this is a very unfortunate situation, we have to acknowledge that at least she is repping summer 2022's most sought-after hairstyle. Sorry Nessa, but it has to be said! The two face-framing braids have been paired with a messy beach wave and it couldn't be more on-trend if she tried.

Photo credit: Vanessa Hudgens @vanessahudgens - Instagram
Photo credit: Vanessa Hudgens @vanessahudgens - Instagram

Note to Elon Musk: sort this Tesla situ out, please!

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