Vanessa Feltz urges flu vaccinations after daughter is hospitalised

TV presenter Vanessa Feltz revealed her daughter has been hospitalised with flu during an appearance on This Morning, where she urged viewers to get their flu jabs.

Credit: @thismorning Via Twitter

Video transcript

- You just wanted to talk to people about flu jabs and how important they are.

VANESSA FELTZ: I did, and the reason I wanted to say it is because my elder daughter is in hospital at the moment, on a drip. She's been there. Well, she's been desperately ill, really, since Wednesday. It's now Monday. She's been on a drip since Thursday night. She has, guess what? Flu. That's what she's got. Flu.

- How old is your daughter?

VANESSA FELTZ: She's 36. She's slim. She's fit. She's got two young children and a lovely husband. She started being incredibly ill. Vomiting and vomiting and vomiting.

We thought it was norovirus, you know? We thought it was the kind of thing that you just deal with at home. She got sicker and sicker and iller and iller and iller, and in the end, was admitted as an emergency. She's still in hospital. She's still on a drip. We think she's finally turning the corner this morning. It's been absolutely-- but may I just say--

- What [? did the ?] doctors say?

VANESSA FELTZ: Yeah. The consultant said-- I said, flu? My god. I said, she's had the vaccine. Because she has. We had it together. We paid. We were just scared to get it this winter. We thought, right. We'll go in early. We'll get vaccinated. We got vaccinated together.

I said, she's been vaccinated. He said, imagine if she hadn't. Imagine if she hadn't. In other words, the vaccine may not protect you from getting the flu, but it will save your life.

- And so how did you--

- If you're eligible for it, please go and get it. And if you're not, consider paying for it. I think it was about 15 pounds, something like that.

- How did he compare the seriousness of flu to the seriousness of COVID?

- He said that flu, when you get it very badly, is worse than COVID. He said, you feel as if you're going to die. And in some cases, you do. And she has been-- I mean, deadly ill.