Vanessa Feltz says Boy George is 'obnoxious' on I'm A Celebrity

Appearing on This Morning, TV presenter Vanessa Feltz described pop star Boy George as 'obnoxious' on ITV's I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here.

Video transcript

VANESSA FELTZ: You know, very often in the crowd-- and I've done so much reality TV, I know a bit about this-- you know, you try and get on with everyone. You want the people there to like you. You want the people at home to like you. You try and muck in. If you don't really do the washing up at home, you do it when you're there to look as if you're doing it. Boy George is not that person.

- No.

VANESSA FELTZ: The only other person I've ever worked with who is similar to him in not caring a damn what anybody thinks of him, is Madonna, who can be equally obnoxious in my view.

- Is she in the jungle?

VANESSA FELTZ: No. But I'd love to see her in there. How much would they pay her? But Boy George, believe me, doesn't give a beep.