Here’s That Vagina-Shaped Fudge You’ve Always/Never Wanted…

Anna Lewis
Photo credit: Fudgeina

From Delish

You know what’s been missing from my life this whole time? Fudge in the shape of a vagina. So thank God I’ve now discovered Fudgeina, which is here to fill the vagina-shaped fudge hole in my life.

(I've got a feeling "vagina-shaped fudge hole" is actually a thing on Urban Dictionary. DO NOT look it up).

The company makes a number of different flavours and styles of fudgeinas, including this seasonal Christmas pudding flavoured vulva.

So that’s Nan’s present sorted then…

The website says of the festive fanny (I hate myself…): “It’s the most wonderful time of the year! What better way to show love this Christmas with a Christmas Plum Pudding Fudgeina!

“Made with luscious dark vegan chocolate and juicy plum flavouring - finished with an edible snow glaze and a holly vajazzle, it literally can't get any more Christmassy!”

Photo credit: Fudgeina

Buy a Christmas pudding flavoured fudge vagina now!

As well as this Christmas vagina (which I’m sure is exactly how Jesus saw his birthday being celebrated in 2019), other fudge vaginas on offer include chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. And, I know what you’re going to ask… “Do they come with vajazzle sets and condoms?” Well yes they do!

For a little extra cash, your fudgeina can be sent with a vajazzle set, which includes three vegan icing tubes in black, red and green so you can personalise it.

There’s also an option to send it with a condom “to let your friend know what you expect them to do with it.”

The website’s words, not mine, btw.


Oh, and did we mention that all the fudgeinas are vegan, so there’s no excuse for you not buying one for everyone at the office. But expect a call from HR if you do.

Prices start at £9.99, and you get free UK postage and packing. And you just can't argue with that.

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