Vacation's Home Resort Candle Set Will Transform Your Space Into a 7-Star Hotel

Candles are one of my favorite home products. They can set the mood of your environment, and one of my personal home goals is to make my space feel like a luxurious hotel. If I can't embrace my inner Zack and Cody and live the suite life at the Tipton, the least I can do is make my home feel like a swanky hotel, from the crisp and cozy linens to the elevated furnishings and decor. The Vacation Home Resort Candle Set does just that. It mimics the experience of staying in a luxurious hotel, sans the room service.

The Vacation Home Resort candle set includes three comforting yet indulgent scents, High Ceiling Resort Lobby, Partial Ocean View Suite, and Well-Tipped Pool Boy. The scents are calming, refreshing, and will transport you to paradise. Yet, the candles are fragrant enough to fill a room within minutes of lighting. Each candle has an 85-hour burn time making it last a while. Set in tall glassware with large, vintage-inspired font, the candle set exudes a clean, timeless look. The candles are vegan and cruelty-free made with a soft soy wax blend and a cotton wick.

The hustle and bustle of life will take a beat once you light one of these candles. Keep reading for my in-depth experience and review of each of the three scents.

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