Could using baby powder as primer be the next big eyeshadow hack?

Alice Sholl
Our wallets will thank us [Photo: Pexels]
Our wallets will thank us [Photo: Pexels]

Spend however much you want on an eye shadow primer; a higher price isn’t going to make that shade stay any better.

Which is why one woman’s primer hack is so brilliant.

Writer Courtney Leiva recently wrote on Hello Giggles that her go-to primer is actually good-old-fashioned baby powder.

While Urban Decay’s eye shadow primer will set you back £16, for example, baby powder usually costs around a quid from a supermarket.

You know it’ll be gentle on the skin, too [Photo: Pexels]
You know it’ll be gentle on the skin, too [Photo: Pexels]

But according to Leiva, it does the same job.

Whether you use your fingers to apply it or use a brush, she says that it’s super easy to apply – the only difference is you should wait for a few minutes (okay, maybe 10) between applying it and getting the rest of your makeup on.

Apparently those 10 minutes give the powder time to “neutralise” those oily lids of yours.

The powder, however, won’t have the properties that other primers claim to have – such as anti-ageing ingredients or redness-cancelling action.

It’ll save you a few trips to Boots as well [Photo: Pexels]
It’ll save you a few trips to Boots as well [Photo: Pexels]

But who cares when it sets you back the same amount of cash as a two-pinter of milk?

What’s more, as Leiva points out, the bottle of powder you get is multitudes bigger than whatever you’ll get a primer in.

So really, it costs more like 30p if we’re directly comparing it to other bottles of primer.

We know what we’ll be trying out tonight.

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