Usher embracing Las Vegas life

Usher is making the most of being in Las Vegas credit:Bang Showbiz
Usher is making the most of being in Las Vegas credit:Bang Showbiz

Usher has enjoyed "indulging" in Las Vegas.

The 'My Boo' hitmaker announced earlier this week he will be extending his residency at Park MGM, adding another 25 shows between March and July 2023, and he admitted he loves being based in Sin City because there are so many opportunities to have fun, though he insisted he doesn't overdo it because of his professional commitments.

He said: "I'm doing everything in Vegas. Unfortunately I must say that it does accommodate all of the lifestyle of who I am and what I enjoy. It's sitting at the crap table or playing a little blackjack, going out to the club a little bit, but I still have the ability to do all the other things that I love as well. [Like] eating some good food.

"It's hot as hell out here, that's the one thing that I've had to get used to, it's extremely dry. But I do, I do indulge and have fun in Sin City. OK. Not too much. Because I still have the obligation of making sure that I show up and enjoy myself on stage."

The 'OMG' singer has enjoyed seeing a diverse crowd at his shows, and admitted the appeal of being based in Las Vegas is it has helped him strike a great balance with his personal and professional lives.

He told the 'People Every Day' podcast: "Having an audience come to you is always great. I love the fact that I've been able to really celebrate all of the years of my music and see a very mixed, eclectic crowd of people. But I think more than anything, the fact that it fits my lifestyle.

"I've been able to still focus on the things that I love, that are creative, that are kind of ancillary to what I do in music. Whether it's in film or rather in production or working with other artists and still have family time, but yet still do what I love, which is performing."