"How I Used Old-School Heavy Lifting Techniques to Build a Bigger Body in 10 Weeks"

Mark Sansom
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It’s a tradition in my family to play tennis on Christmas Day. Last year, one set down, I was bent double on the wrong end of a hiding from my septuagenarian father.

I knew then that something had to change. And in just 10 weeks, my PT Rich Phillipps made it happen.

He motivated me through enormous strength gains: in week one, I was benching 25kg dumbbells; four weeks later, I was on 40kg.

The way he tracked my stats gave me the impetus to dig deeper, whether I was squeezing out one last rep or swerving a beer. You’re not past your best.

Steel yourself and get started. You’ll thank yourself.

Workout #1: Stop, Start, Blitz

2 Per Week | Takes 45 Mins | Level: Medium

Sansom wanted to whittle away at his fat stores without sacrificing any of his hard-earned bulk. Use this weekend interval workout to incinerate calories without forcing your body to break down muscle mass for energy

Workout #2: Compound Benefit

3 Per Week | Takes 45 Mins | Level: Medium

This session uses pairs of moves to work several muscle groups at a time. “Compound moves fire up a big hormonal response for faster muscle-fibre growth,” says Phillipps.

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