US store praised for letting mothers breastfeed ‘wherever and whenever’ they like

Sarah Young

US superstore Target is being praised for its welcoming breastfeeding policy that encourages mothers to feed their children “wherever and whenever” they like.

A shopper at the store recently posted a photograph of a framed sign explaining the retailer’s stance on breastfeeding to parenting community page Breastfeeding Mama Talk on Facebook.

The memo, which was taken at a Target store in Weatherford, Texas, explains that customers are welcome to nurse anywhere in the shop because they think “#momsrock”.

The notice also tells mothers that the store has a dedicated nursing room for more comfortable and private feeding that is available for them to use, and that it is stocked with “free goodies” to make their time there “even sweeter”.

“Happy Nursing, and Happy Shopping!” the sign reads.

The post has since garnered more than 37,000 likes and received thousands of comments from parents praising the positive message.

“This is amazing to hear,” one person commented.

Another added: “Awesome, Target. Many nursing mums thank you. It's great to know how comforting you guys are towards is nursing mamas.”

Many mothers also shared their encouraging experiences of breastfeeding at Target stores.

“I had a lady once harass me in the food court at Target. She went to get a manager. And the manager ended up asking her to leave and gave me a free drink,” one person commented.

“I was a new mum with a tongue-tied baby. That simple gesture made my year.”

Another person wrote: “A manager gave me a free water & pretzel when I was nursing a few years ago because she remembered how hungry [breastfeeding] made her. I love Target.”

Others shared positive stories about how employees at Target went out of their way to make sure that they were comfortable while breastfeeding.

“I nursed in the outdoor furniture section, and had a couple staff members make sure I was comfortable,” one mother shared.

Another added: “I recently nursed at target in the dressing room and everyone there was great.”

This isn’t the first time that Target has been applauded for keeping new parents in mind.

In 2015, Target became one of the first department stores to announce it would be adding baby changing stations into both men and family restrooms after actor Ashton Kutcher launched a petition calling on them to "rectifying the legacy of gender discrimination".

The news comes just days after a group of Texas mothers held a “nurse-in” at a public swimming pool in support of a woman who was asked to cover up or leave after breastfeeding her son.