What is the Urban Dictionary name trend that has gone viral on Twitter and Instagram?

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Why are people searching their names on Urban Dictionary? (Getty Images/iStockphoto)
Why are people searching their names on Urban Dictionary? (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

A new social media trend has seen people amusing themselves with the definitions for their names, as defined on Urban Dictionary.

Unlike most dictionaries, Urban Dictionary, which was founded in 1999 by Aaron Peckham as a crowdsourced dictionary for slang words, is made up of entries uploaded by anyone, with the online resource including definitions for a variety of made-up words.

With the latest trend, which has become popular on Twitter and Instagram, social media users have begun searching their own names on the site, with the results ranging from flattering definitions to less-than-favourable descriptions.

For example, according to Urban Dictionary, the name David refers to “the greatest man you’ll ever have the privilege to know,” with the user-submitted definition going on to describe individuals with the name as the “epitome of a gentleman” and “the most charismatic person you’ll ever meet”.

Individuals named Lucy have also been defined in a positive light, with one description reading: “Lucy is one of the most unique and powerful people you’ll know.”

On Twitter, the definitions have amused users, with thousands of people taking to the app to share their own findings, and to comment on the accuracy of their name definitions.

“Wow… I couldn’t be less like #URBANDICTIONARYNAME’s definition of a Lucy… it’s like someone who knows me well has described the complete opposite of me in every way,” one person tweeted, while a woman named Samantha shared a screenshot of her definition, which describes Samanthas as “a very exotic type of female,” and wrote: “But like who wrote this? I need to know why they exposed me.”

According to a woman named Katie, who posted a screenshot of a definition that described her as “the total package,” Urban Dictionary “knows [her] so well”.

“I see no lies here,” a woman named Nathalie wrote of a Urban Dictionary definition that described those with her name as the “type of female that will make all your dreams come true” and “loyal, smart and funny”.

While many people were invested in the definitions, others pointed out that the majority of the entries are positive, or say similar things.

“According to Urban Dictionary, everybody is the most amazing person you will ever meet,” one person tweeted, while another said: “Urban Dictionary got everybody thinkin they’re sexy and one of a kind when they search their names.”

There were also numerous people who criticised the trend, and those who have shared screenshots of their definitions, with someone else tweeting: “I promise you we don’t care what your name means on Urban Dictionary.”

“No one is reading the Urban Dictionary definition of your names on your IG Stories, promise,” another person added.

To participate in the trend and see what people have said about individuals with your name, all you have to do is search your name on Urban Dictionary’s website.

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