This Upper Body Workout Will Give You an Unbelievable Pump

Brett Williams, NASM
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Photo credit: Bobby Maximus
Photo credit: Bobby Maximus

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Bobby Maximus, former UFC fighter, fitness personality, and author of the Men's Health Maximus Body book, created this lsession. Maximus makes a point to train without equipment even when he has a fully-stocked gym at his disposal – so creating an accessible session for guys stuck at home without access to gear fits perfectly to his training style.

For this quick-hitting workout, you will need one piece of gear: a resistance band. You can use dumbbells if you have them, but this routine is designed for you to get a pump as quickly as possible – especially when looking good is the most important goal. "This is one of my favourite workouts ever," says Maximus. "You could call it the 'In the Club Workout,' for those 20 year olds out there. I don't go to the club anymore."

You might not be hitting the club anytime soon either, given current circumstances – but there are still plenty of times you might want to pump up fast. The goal is to hit some key muscle groups in the upper body to maximise your aesthetic results. You'll hit the chest, shoulders, biceps, and abs, which Maximus says is "critical" for building a strong physique—and a strong, healthy body. "You don't want to be all show and no go," he says. "We want to build some real world strength and real world athleticism."

Bobby Maximus Upper Body Pump In the Club Workout

Perform 30 seconds of work, 30 seconds of rest for 4 minutes.

  • Push-ups

  • Banded Strict Press

  • Banded Biceps Curl

  • Abs (Sit-ups)

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