This Upper-Body Dumbbell Session by Zack George Is The Ultimate WFH Pump

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Scoring yourself some solid gains and a decent serving of natural vitamin D is the perfect way to clear the cobwebs of a WFH morning, then launch into your afternoon a brighter and visibly bigger man.

All you're going to need for this upper-body session, designed by MH Elite athlete extraordinaire Zack George, is a pair of dumbbells and enough outdoor space that you can do a push-up in.

You're going to be working in a descending ladder format, with three movements, going down in reps each set. Starting with 10 dumbbell clean and jerks and moving down to one, then push-ups on the dumbbells and dumbbell bent-over rows both descending in twos from 20 down to a final set of 2. So you do 10 cleans and jerks, 20 push-ups and 20 rows, then 9 cleans and jerks, 18 push-ups and 18 rows and so on.

Watch Zack himself run through the movements (in the sun, of course), then find the workout details in full below.


1) Dumbbell Clean and Jerk x 10-1 reps

Hold your dumbbell with both hands, sideways at hip height, bend at the knees and with a slight hinge at the hips, stand up explosively (A) using the momentum from your legs to help to power the dumbbell up on to your chest before immediately pressing it over head (B). Lower to your hips under control and repeat

2) Push-Up on the Dumbbells x 20-2 reps

Assume a strong plank position with your hands on the dumbbells, wrists, elbows and shoulders directly above one another. Create a rigid frame from ankles to head (A) Flex at the elbow, lowering your body, stop as your chest touches the floor (B). Push back up explosively.

3) Dumbbell Bent-Over Row x 20-2 reps

Hold a dumbbell in each hand and bend your knees slightly, hinging at the hip so your upper body is almost parallel to the floor (A). Row the weights up towards your hips, keeping your core tight and your back straight (B). Lower the dumbbells under control and repeat.

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