This Upper-Body Dumbbell Bro Sesh Is An Absolute Burner

Going to the gym with a friend can go one of two ways. Sometimes, you actively motivate and spot one another through a solid strength session. Most of the time, though, you do a lot more chat than reps and end up woefully underserving your cardiovascular fitness.

There is another way - a partner workout that really challenges you, as a pair, to move faster and further than you would as a lone wolf. As luck would have it, we have the reigning champions of partner workouts as part of your MH Elite team of coaches.

Leon Bustin and John Chapman of The Lean Machines have concocted this genuinely challenging challenge that takes two solid dumbbell movements and welds them into a dastardly format, then polishes them off with some burpees.

One of you starts with dumbbell bench presses, the other dumbbell bicep curls. After you've both done your reps, you're both going to bang out some synchronised burpees, ensuring your chests hits the ground at the bottom and you feet leave the ground at the same time each rep.

Then swap dumbbell movements and keep repping away, hitting your burpees as a pair before your swap each round. Do 10 rounds in total, which will see you touch each movements five times by the end.

Try and remember that this is meant to be a challenge. John and Leon found it really challenging, in fact. For your first attempt, we advised being conservative on your choice of weights. Those burpees are going to fatigue you faster that you think. Good luck.

Watch the guys demo the workout and then find the full description below.

For Time - 10 rounds (5 of each movement) of:

1) Dumbbell Bench Press

2) Synchronised Burpees

3) Dumbell Bicep Curls

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