Upgrade Your Beach Chair With These Cute Target Options - Starting at $15

Don't spend your next beach day rolling around on your scratchy, sand-covered towel. Although towels are the best beach accessory, sometimes it's nice to have some height and comfort when you're relaxing. That's where a beach chair comes in. Beach chairs are the best way to feel at ease at the beach. Not only do they lift you off the sand but they turn your beach day into a relaxing getaway; almost like your very own backyard. You can sit back, recline, and eat food in peace with the comfort of a beach chair. In addition to your towel, it's the ultimate beach accessory.

If you're interested in upgrading your beach chair, you've come to the right place. Target has a ton of beach chairs that are low, high, reclining, lightweight, and padded, with the addition of convenient straps and backpack capabilities so that you can travel with ease. They're the perfect summer investment that can easily be folded and packed away when they're not in use. Check out these cute and practical loungers that come in a variety of shapes and sizes - all from Target.

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