Is Unspeakable on Netflix based on a true story?

Credit: Channel 4

Unspeakable on Netflix is a crime thriller that has got viewers wondering if it's fiction or based on a horrifying true story. 

Centring around newly-single mum Jo (Indira Varma), Unspeakable shows her trying to rebuild her life after divorce and falling for her new partner Danny (Luke Treadaway) in the process.

It’s not long before the younger man moves in with her, her pre-teen daughter Katie (Nina Sorrentino) and young son Ben (Lucas Bond).

Despite their outwardly perfect relationship, suspicions soon arise after Jo receives an anonymous text about Danny, accusing him of abusing 11-year-old Katie.

Originally airing on Channel 4 and now available to stream on Netflix, Unspeakable has got viewers wondering if it is based on a real case.

Is Unspeakable based on a true story?

Unspeakable write David Nath has previously revealed the drama was inspired by real life cases but hasn't detailed which ones in particular.

He says that he was moved to pen the drama after seeing a spate of high profile allegations in the news - exploring how we judge what is real and what is fake.


David explained, "There were real stories about the consequences of a sexual allegation that felt terrifying and there was this one story where we saw a ‘window’ – an allegation from an anonymous source, similar to our film.

The writer continued, "There was this ‘window’ where the girlfriend didn’t know what she thought.

"It lasted only a couple of hours but that window of doubt was a powerful moment to see how an accusation can change your view and perception of someone you think you know."

Having explored how a simple text can unravel everything, David added, "As soon as the seed is planted you’ve crossed that line."

Unspeakable is now available to stream on Netflix.