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Freshly Fallen Snow Makes Everything Sparkle

Unpopular Opinion: I Actually Really Love Winter

Winter gets such a bad rap. Once the holidays are over and we're left with more than three months of cold weather, so many people complain that there's nothing to look forward to and that it's "so depressing." While I totally understand that Winter can be a bummer sometimes (and yes, sometimes far too long), I also think it doesn't deserve to be hated as much as it is. Call me crazy, but I really, really love Winter.

I'm from Chicago, so I'm no stranger to harsh and long Winters. But while so many of my friends and family say things like, "Why do we live here again?," I love it. Maybe it's because I'm an introvert and Winter is the perfect time to stay inside and be cozy, but there are so many perks to the season that make it truly wonderful, even when all the Christmas decorations have come down. From fun outdoor activities (yes, Winter haters, you don't need to be stuck inside for months!) to quality family time to quiet walks in the snow, keep reading for 15 reasons Winter is the best.


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