Unpleasant smell in Arundel explained - 'Steps are being taken to reduce odours'

Arundel in the sun. Photo: Steve Robards SR2306141
Arundel in the sun. Photo: Steve Robards SR2306141

Arun District Council said its environmental health team has been responding to complaints concerning odours from a development site ‘located at the former gas works’ in Ford Road.

Due to the previous use of the site, remediation works are being carried out to make the land safe for future use, and this has resulted in some residents ‘experiencing unpleasant odours’ due to the ground ‘being disturbed as part of this work’.

The remediation work is being closely monitored by a contaminated land consultant, who are monitoring volatile organic compounds (VOCs), as well as dust and odours.

A council spokesperson said: “Steps are being taken to reduce odours, including use of misters, deodorisers, and covering of excavated materials. Monitoring data confirms that the levels of VOCs are below the thresholds for human health concern and indicates that the odour generated from the works is unpleasant rather than a risk to health.

“It is anticipated that works with odorous soils on the site will be completed by the beginning of September.

“Our Environmental Health team are carrying out monitoring and are in close contact with the consultants to ensure that appropriate steps are being maintained to manage odours.”

Anyone affected by odours from a business or commercial site can register a request with the council’s environmental health team to investigate.

More information about odour complaints can be found here.

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