Unlikely Baby Names That Are Quickly Gaining Popularity

Let’s be honest: unique baby names have the tendency to be a little odd. After all, they’re rare and different, but that’s what makes them so special.

So with that being said, we really shouldn’t be that surprised that some unique names are quickly gaining popularity among parents.

In particular, Nameberry reports that there are quite a few unlikely Biblical, word, animal, and place names that are picking up steam.

So if you think the name you’ve chosen for your little one is 100% original, you might want to check this list first.  


Some of the names trending in popularity include Fox, Baker and Enoch for boys, and Reign, Maple and Artemis for girls.

While these names might sound odd on their own, it actually makes perfect sense why they’re trending.

Fox, for instance, has the ever-appealing “x” ending, which gives it a cool factor parents love. Plus, the fact that animal names are commonly used as nicknames, and nicknames as first names has always been a big trend, Fox is not as unusual of a choice as you’d think.

Last year, the name rose in popularity by 65%. 

And as for Baker and Enoch? They’re both on the rise because they are a fresh take on common occupational and Biblical names such as Hunter and Noah. Nameberry notes that Baker is up 81% this year and Enoch is now one of the fastest-rising boys’ names, sitting at No. 320 on the site’s charts.

This story was originally published on HuffPost Canada.

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