University graduate, 24, ends up homeless and sleeping in her car after getting her degree

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A composite image of Kayleigh Lindon with her car and as a university graduate as she is currently homeless.(Caters)
Kayleigh Lindon is currently homeless despite working full time. (Caters)

A university graduate with a first class degree has ended up homeless despite working a full time job.

Kayleigh Lindon, 24, from Liverpool, graduated with a first class drama degree but had nowhere to live after leaving university halls.

Lindon, who works as a full time carer, is currently relying on friends sofas, her car, and hotels the council put her up in so she has a temporary roof over her head.

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Despite her job, Lindon is unable to secure monthly rent for a home. "There is a huge stigma around homelessness. A lot of people don’t recognise those who are homeless if they aren't on the street,” Lindon says.

"I'm trying to find somewhere to rent and the reason I'm homeless is that I can't get anywhere to live. I keep applying and it just keeps failing. There also isn't that much available, especially for homeless people.

Kayleigh Lindon. (Caters)
Lindon grew up in foster care and didn't have a home to return to after university. (Caters)

"I think I'm failing as landlords have a stigma around homelessness and I'm also a [foster] care leaver, so when asked for a previous address I don’t have one, so then the places I apply for are given to someone else.”

Lindon believes that landlords view her history as a foster care leaver as a “red flag”.

“Because I'm homeless, it doesn’t mean I don’t have money, I do have money, I have a full time job as a carer. I have a first class degree and I pay my way,” Lindon says.

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"I have a full time regular income, money isn’t too much of an issue, however a lot of properties to rent have also doubled in price so it's rare a good property comes up I can afford, and when I do apply I never get them.”

She adds that the council currently pays for the hotel she’s staying in – which she pays a contribution to – but she’s unsure of the total cost.

"At first I didn't tell my work [I'm homeless] as I'm a hard worker so I tried to keep it separate, but then one of my videos went viral so I did tell them and they've been so supportive with anything I need,” she continues.

"I didn’t want them to treat me differently and they have been amazing. Most people would judge but they don’t care.”

Kayleigh Lindon (Caters)
Lindon has been sharing her story on social media. (Caters)

Lindon says she won't let her situation get the better of her, and she will keep trying to find a place of her own.

"I am a very glass half full person, I just crack on. I'm still working and laughing, I'm praying and manifesting that I can just settle and have my forever home,” she says.

"I'm keeping positive. I have stressful moments though. I have to check out of my room at the end of each week so I have to keep moving my things out of the rooms and waiting to see if they rebook me.”

Lindon says she decided to share her experiences online to create awareness about how many people are in a similar situation to her.

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“People don’t realise how many people experience this or understand it, but there are also so many ignorant and narrow minded people,” she says.

"It's not just being on the streets, I get a very mixed response of people saying I'm not homeless. I do have money and I do work full time. I look after myself too although I get my hair and lashes done for free as my friends do it and they refuse to take money off me.

"I am trying to budget, I eat three meals a day, I can buy food, I'm not letting myself go hungry. My current bills are £500, my car in total costs me £200, I also pay for my phone bill, I'm paying off my student loan and I also pay for my petrol to get to work. I'm still homeless but working. Living in a hotel is a roof over my head but it's not my home."

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