United States Announces Programme To Use Rockets To Transport Materials To Areas Of Combat

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The United States has announced a programme to use rockets to transport materials to areas of combat and for humanitarian missions.

The Air Force and Space Force would work together to speed cargo to locations in "a fraction of the time" current systems take.

The Department of the Air Force announced on Friday (4 June) the designation of Rocket Cargo as the fourth Vanguard program as part of its transformational science and technology portfolio identified in the DAF 2030 Science and Technology strategy for the next decade.

Additionally, the U.S. Space Force was designated as the lead service for Rocket Cargo Vanguard, marking the service's first such program.

Based on the advertised commercial capability and business objectives, the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) is currently assessing emerging rocket capability across the commercial vendor base, and its potential use for quickly transporting DoD materiel to ports across the globe.

"The Rocket Cargo Vanguard is clear example of how the Space Force is developing innovative solutions as a service, in particular the ability to provide independent options in, from, and to space," said Chief of Space Operations Gen. John W. "Jay" Raymond. "Once realized, Rocket Cargo will fundamentally alter the rapid logistics landscape, connecting materiel to joint warfighters in a fraction of the time it takes today. In the event of conflict or humanitarian crisis, the Space Force will be able to provide our national leadership with an independent option to achieve strategic objectives from space."

Illustration shows: Rocket Cargo would enable rapid delivery of aircraft-size payloads for agile global logistics such as urgent humanitarian assistance and disaster response.

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