These clever boxers will keep your package cool this summer

These pants will keep your testicles cool and fertile. [Picture via Snowballs]

It’s hot, it’s sweaty and it’s currently 36.8 degrees celsius in the UK. Earlier we gave you solutions to banish underboob sweat but don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the gents.

For men, a heatwave can be one of the most uncomfortable period of their lives. Keeping your meat and two veg cool in the summer is tricky business, especially if you’re travelling or sitting down for long periods of time. The chafing. The sweat. The odor. *Shudders*.

Thankfully, there is a solution. Enter: Snowballs. These are underpants designed to keep your testicles at a cool temperature throughout the day.

The cooling wedges slip right into the pocket of your boxers. [Picture via Snowballs]

They are essentially a pair of boxer shorts with a pocket in the front that come fitted with cooler wedges. Just pop the wedges in the fridge, cooler box or freezer to enjoy cold balls all day long.

While extremely handy during a heatwave, they are also useful for an important reason: boxers with cooler wedges are said to improve fertility and relieve scrotal pain.

Cooling Underwear for Men by Snowballs | £59 | Shop it now

The wedges come in a pack of two and cost £59. [Picture via Snowballs]

According to the company website, studies have shown that lowering scrotal temperature by even one degree celsius can improve sperm count and quality.

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While they will set you back £59 for a pair, these reusable wedges will ensure you keep your testicles cool and fertile.

You’re welcome, lads.

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