Under Armour launch a face mask you can run in

Ellie Brain

From Runner's World

How can athletes train whilst remaining safe during the Covid-19 pandemic? Sporting brand Under Armour think they have the answer.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began Under Armour have been manufacturing face masks as personal protective equipment (PPE) and distributing millions of units. Now PPE isn't as in demand, Under Armour’s innovation team have recently moved to building a mask specifically tailored to wear during exercise.

The ‘UA Sportsmask’ is a three-layered stretchy face mask, which is designed to allowing athletes to exercise in spaces where masks are required. With gyms hoping to reopen in the coming weeks, it's not yet clear whether you'll be expected to wear a mask when exercising.

Expected to launch in July at £26 per unit, the mask does carry a hefty price tag compared to others on the market. Available in a number of different sizes, the mask has a mouldable nose bridge to ensure a close fit and limit airflow to the eyes, preventing misty glasses. The mask is designed to ensure there is maximum air circulation while worn, and the UA ISO-CHILL technology used in the final layer of the mask guarantees a ‘cool feel’ when exercising. Treatment with PROTX2 , an anti-microbial technology which Under Armour claims inhibits any growth of bacteria in the mask, and has been shown to destroy COVID-19 in laboratory tests. The mask is also water-resistant preventing any discomfort caused by exercising a damp mask. The mask is fully washable and reusable.

Under Armour CEO Patrik Frisk commented, 'At Under Armour, we always want to be part of the solution, especially during this extremely challenging time.'

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