The Umbrella Academy Cast Hypes Up Season 4 In New Video, But I'm Giving Robert Sheehan The A+ For His Reaction

 Klaus karaoke in The Umbrella Academy.
Klaus karaoke in The Umbrella Academy.

2024 will be a big year for entertainment, especially after a year plagued by Hollywood strikes, and there's a ton of bittersweet anticipation aimed at Netflix's The Umbrella Academy, which was renewed for a fourth and final season in Summer 2022. While audiences have yet to see any action-packed footage from the upcoming episodes, the cast appeared in a new video filled with teasy hype for Season 4 that will no doubt spark more than a little excitement. And I think we can all agree that Robert Sheehan takes the October 1 cake with his Klaus-esque promotional message.

Check out Netflix's Umbrella Academy hype vid, which was unveiled as part of the streaming service's Geeked Week celebration.

For those unable to watch the video in full, Robert Sheehan's arrival happens after the rest of the core cast has shared a wide variety of words and phrases to describe what fans can look forward to seeing in Season 4, with Emmy Raver-Lampman saying it's full of "nonsense and shenanigans" that the Hargreeves squad is known for, with Rita Arya saying it's an "amazing lovefest," as well as being "the best season yet." Justin H. Min says it's totally "sexy," but also cops to using that description for just about everything.

Sheehan's moment begins with a sigh, which is amusing in and of itself, and then turns on the carnival barker charm for his pitch, saying:

I'm so not good at answering these kinds of questions. Fans! Expect nothing, and you will gain everything.

Not only is it funny, but it's also quite possibly the most logical advice for any fan to take to heart before partaking in a desired TV show or movie. (Or album, or video game, or book, etc.) It's also patently near-impossible to mentally squash one's excitement for any given project, so maybe it's not the most practical advice for a hugely popular streaming show's final season. But still, let's get that printed on some Season 4 posters, stat.

Klaus shirt open on a bench in The Umbrella Academy
Klaus shirt open on a bench in The Umbrella Academy

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Stars Tom Hopper and Emmy Raver-Lampman did share a pair of comments speaking more directly about what we'll be seeing when Season 4 arrives, even if they obviously couldn't go into extreme detail or anything. The Luther Hargreeves portrayer pointed out that Season 4 won't break the comic book adaptation's streak of delivering season premieres that jump right into the complications. In his words:

We hit the ground running pretty quickly to put the siblings through a usual amount of mayhem.

An interesting turn of phrase, since Season 3 ended with the various siblings walking away from each other to head out in different directions following the reset button being hit inside the Hotel Oblivion. I don't think anyone will be running too quickly, however, since seemingly everyone lost their superpowers. But it would be truly baffling if Umbrella Academy kept its siblings apart for longer than a single episode, so here's hoping that reunion happens in the premiere.

Just because it's the final season doesn't mean there won't be room for additional characters to make their presences known. As Emmy Raver-Lampman put it:

There's some unbelievable new characters and new villains that are super exciting.

One can only hope that some or all of these new villains and others will be canonical to the comic book series from Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá. The creative duo have yet to release the fourth volume of the source material, dubbed Sparrow Academy, which will presumably have some similarities to the live-action series, but with more than enough differences to stand apart in its own bonkers AF way. Which is to say, there may be an antagonist or two designed for the page that could find a way into the Season 4 narrative on Netflix, even if the stories don't totally link up.

Speaking of things that don't link up, Netflix also unveiled the first new poster for Season 4, with an overlay of timeline wonkiness over what appears to be a street map.

The Umbrella Academy Season 4 timeline poster
The Umbrella Academy Season 4 timeline poster

It's still not clear when fans with Netflix subscriptions will be able to stream The Umbrella Academy's fourth and final season, but I'm betting we'll learn it before we ever hear from Javon Walton's Stan again. Check out everything else hitting the streaming service soon with our 2023 Netflix TV premiere schedule.