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One Hundred and One Dalmatians - Pongo and Perdita's (and Roger and Anita's) Double Wedding

While Roger and Anita say their vows inside an elegant chapel at sunset, Pongo and Perdita wait outside and also tie the knot. The couple recite their vows to each other as their owners do the same. This sweet double wedding is small, simple, and oh so romantic.

The Ultimate Ranking of Every Disney Movie Wedding - From a Villain's Fiasco to Magical Romance

Disney movies often revolve around love, relationships, and happily ever afters. From the old classics to new releases, Disney couples prove that love is stronger than all else. Some of the best Disney couples had their weddings in the movies, giving us not only inspiration for our future ceremonies but also hope for our own happily ever afters. From Tiana and Naveen's romantic outdoor wedding to Ariel and Prince Eric's dreamy ceremony atop a ship sailing into the sunset, there's nothing quite as magical as a Disney couple tying the knot.

We ranked the Disney weddings from worst to best, taking into account the bride's wedding dress, the venue, and the ceremony. Read ahead to see which wedding came in first and if your rankings matched up to ours. Cheers to happily ever afters!


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