Ultimate Guide To Ibiza: Yahoo’s Foolproof Plan For ALL THE FUN


Azure seas on the party island [Photo: Natasha Bird]

The jewel of the Balearic islands, Ibiza always pulls us back in. It’s a total escape from reality that has something for everyone, from all-night parties to refreshing yoga retreats.

Yes, really, there are sunrise ashrams.

But whatever your reason for going, there are a few things you simply MUST do while you’re on the isle. Following Team Yahoo’s epic 2015 Ibiza adventure, we’ve created an essential itinerary, so all you have to do is pick up the phone and book.

Where To Stay

Every different area in Ibiza has its own vibe and attracts different types of people; from the beauty, fine dining (and LGBT quarter) in the Old Town, to the calm North, to party central San Antonio.

Once you’ve decided on the area for you, search out some villas in Ibiza and book yourself a private one.


[Ibiza Summer Villas]

This will afford you your own swimming pool for those boiling hot days when dragging yourself down to the beach is just too much. Plus, it’ll help reduce the number of people waking you up when the roll in from the clubs continues past 6am.

Trust us, hotels near clubs are rowdy places and you won’t be treated kindly if you attempt to shush anyone having a noisy 3am gathering in one of the adjacent rooms.

If you’re keen for peace, but don’t want to be too far away from the megaclubs, think about the beachy stretch near Figuretes.

Wherever you choose, Ibiza is small and you can get around it quickly if you need. There are shuttle buses to ferry you between bars, hotels and clubs, plus taxis are plentiful. Hire a car only if you err more on the side of adventure holidaying – no one wants to be designated driver on a proper Ibiza night out!


Hanging out at Ocean Beach [Yahoo]

How To Spend The Day

It’s the big one for a reason – Ocean Beach in San Antonio is relatively new, by “Ibiza institution” standards, but it’s fast becoming the choice hang-out for the filthy rich and mega-fun.

It is literally packed with people up for a party, some gorgeous bods walking around, a refreshing pool for a dip, disarmingly-flexible trapeze artists and of course, lashings of Verve Cliquot.

Reserve a bed for your group in advance and spend the day in your bikini swaying to the beats of the in-house DJs.


A Tequila for four, don’t mind if we do! [Natasha Bird]

Where To Pre-Tox

Vitamins before Margaritas, right? If your body’s in need of some TLC, look no further than the fab, freshly-pressed juices and smoothies of Beach House, round the corner from the Ushuaïa complex. The Wake Up combines avocado with honey and will mend you from the inside, however heavy the night before.

Where To Eat

There’s a reason Café Mambo in San Antonio is the place everyone recommends for dinner – and of course it’s the sunset. Perfectly positioned on the west side of the island, hundreds of those who were too late to make a booking for dinner flock to the rocky beach surrounds for the famous sundown ritual.

Make sure you book ahead to get a sea-side seat and tuck into tacos and vodkapolitans as you watch the evening descend on the party island.


A Vodkapolitan quietly contemplates the Ibiza sunset at Cafe Mambo [KES]

Speaking of party, as well as a roving magician, Café Mambo has recently upped its game, partnering with superclub Pacha to give revelers a little preview of the night’s entertainment. We were treated to some sick beats by none other than Idris Elba, and look out for other world famous names taking to the decks just after sundown.

Where To Dance As The Sun Goes Down


Unmissible Ushuaïa evenings [Yahoo]

On the nights you’re not in San An catching the sunset, the best place to dance as the sun goes down is undeniably the relative newbie, open air club Ushuaïa. A beach hotel by day, it rocks a serious soundsystem every evening between five and midnight with the likes of David Guetta and Avicii headlining sell-out parties every night.

Our biggest regret of our trip was booking a super-late flight out of Ibiza on Sunday night and having to slope off mere minutes before Avicii took to the stage, on the very night George and Amal Clooney were in the house. GUTTED.

Note: ALWAYS fly out on the Monday afternoon. Always.

The New Club Night


The sparkliest fun you can have in Ibiza [Yahoo]

Glitterbox has moved to Ibiza institution Space this year and is taking over Fridays as the place to be, with DJ spots this season from Basement Jaxx, Fatboy Slim, Kings of Tomorrow and Groove Armada.

We enjoyed getting all glittered up (for free) by the make-up artists in the entrance (they get busy, get in early if you want to be glittered!) and though the main room is closed, the Terrace is packed to the rafters for this ‘music-first’ night that aims to do away with the thump-thump-thump of other Ibiza parties and offer some actual tunes.

London drag queens are togged up and on hand to give a bit of wow-factor and we can attest to the fact that you can absolutely dance ‘til dawn….or later.


Get sparkly at the start [Yahoo]

But be warned, when you wake up, your bed will have become a sandpit and you will forever be covered in glitter and be removing tiny silver stars from your hair/body/bed/life….literally until the end of time.

Where To Chill After A Really Heavy Night

We fell madly in love with Amante, a calm, relaxing beach club tucked into a little cove on the East coast. You can spend the day there on the sunloungers overlooking the turquoise waters or pop in for a delicious meal to enjoy the ambience. The seafood croquettes and octopus are unmissable. Booking is essential.


A little slice of heaven at Amante [Yahoo]

Some Morning After Downtime

A wander round the Old Town will restore even the most clubbed out heart, with its windy streets, sun-bleached walls and flowers peeking out from every nook and cranny.

Stop for brunch at Baker Victoria & Co, just off the square and revive yourself with delicious omelets, crepes, avocado and smoked salmon, soda bread toast and very good coffee.

See you there?


The Deets:

Find a villa at Ibiza Summer Villas
De-tox at Beach House
Sunset dine at Cafe Mambo
Enjoy day dancing and Champagning at Ocean Beach
Chill at Amante
Dance all night with Glitterbox at Space
Party as the sun sets at Ushuaïa

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