Ulrika Jonsson shares details of 'bed-hopping' while filming Gladiators

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Ulrika Jonsson has shared details of the infamous "bed-hopping" while filming the hit '90s TV show Gladiators.

The presenter fronted the TV series, alongside co-hosts John Fashanu and later, Jeremy Guscott, from 1992 to 2000, and in a new op-ed for The Sun, she reflected on her time on the Saturday night family favourite show.

Every week, two members of the public would take on the Gladiators, including Warrior, Hunter, Zodiac, Scorpio, Cobra and Wolf, in a series of punishing challenges, and Ulrika claimed that most of the athletic stars were involved in illicit romances while staying at a hotel during filming.

"That first year in the Hyatt Regency hotel, which we more or less took over, there was a lot of bed-hopping, as there would be with a bunch of young, virile men and women with insane bodies," she explained.

"Apparently, there were quite a few multiples of people enjoying a bit of rough and tumble under the covers, while I was up in my room writing the script and furiously trying to learn my lines," Ulrika added.

The presenter, who enjoyed a short relationship with Hunter, real name James Crossley, during her time presenting the show, went on to slam the Gladiators for being too vain and self-involved.

"I had never encountered body-builders and this was a unique glimpse into their world. Eye-popping muscles like that come with an extraordinary vanity. The vast majority of them were so focused on themselves and their amazing bodies that their egos easily outsized anything an average person could imagine," she fired.