UK's Eurovision entry Sam Ryder discusses his TikTok fame

Sam Ryder tells GMB about going viral on TikTok with his covers and being noticed by Sia and Justin Bieber.

Video transcript

- Tell us about who-- I mean this is what TikTok does. You can be here in your bedroom just singing that. And before you know it, who had heard it?

SAM RYDER: Well, I was making pasta one evening. And I was trying to sing Whitney Houston, "I'm Every Woman," the Chaka Khan cover. And I was losing my patience because it's hard to sing. It was boiling hot, another hot day, actually. And so I thought, I'm going to have a break and make some pasta.

And all of a sudden, I got a notification from Sia. Saying, hey, Justin Bieber just texted me your video, of you singing my song. And she was so like, generous with her kindness and so encouraging. And it was really-- I mean, as a singer, or if you do anything, and you have heroes within that craft or industry, that you look up to, just the little props from them.

- Well look, we're going to bring you down, I'm afraid. We're sorry, we've got to do this.

- Don't bring in facts.

- No.

- We don't want facts, Richard.

- No, no it's not a fact, it's notes. It's the Ukraine entry. Now, let's face it, it's going to be [INAUDIBLE] all the way, isn't it, for Ukraine?

SAM RYDER: Well, they are fantastic. I met those guys.

- Well, hang on. Lets just have a listen to them. Hang on a second.


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