Ukrainians are worried that China could cut their access to homemade drones remotely, making them into 'nothing more than a coaster for your coffee'

  • Ukrainian volunteer groups have been constructing makeshift explosive drones for the country's army.

  • The improvised explosive-dropping devices are cobbled together using Chinese DJI copters.

  • One drone technician said he's worried China could suspend the accounts needed to make the drones fly.

Ukrainian drone pilots are worried that China could remotely lock them out of their homemade devices patched together using Chinese products.

In the last few months, Ukrainian forces have been expanding their usage of makeshift tactical drones carrying explosives, Insider previously reported.

Units like the Adam Tactical Group rely on homemade First-Person-View (FPV) drones that have been cobbled together by grassroots volunteer organizations, according to the Kyiv Independent.

The cheap, improvised drones worth only a few hundred bucks are constructed using 3-D printing techniques, combined with parts manufactured by a Chinese company called DJI, and retrofitted with explosives, the outlet reported.

A drone technician for the Adam Group, Vitalii, told the Kyiv Independent that he is concerned China will decide to suspend the accounts Ukraine needs to make the drones function properly, effectively cutting the war-torn country off from one of its most essential pieces of equipment.

"All this equipment, on which our whole reconnaissance architecture is built, will turn into nothing more than a coaster for your coffee," Vitalii told the Kyiv Independent.

DJI produces civilian drones and requires pilots to sign into an account in order to bypass height and distance limits on their use.

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