UK weather: Met Office warns of more snow and rain

Snow surrounds Nenthead in the North Pennines in Cumbria (Owen Humphreys/PA Wire)
Snow surrounds Nenthead in the North Pennines in Cumbria (Owen Humphreys/PA Wire)

More showers and freezing conditions are expected across the UK with some sunny spells, according to the Met Office, as the UK looks at a wintry end to March.

On Friday, the UK’s heaviest and most frequent rain will be centred in the south and west accompanied by gusty winds.

However, cloudier conditions are also likely across Scotland, with rain and drizzle expected intermittently.

As spring comes close, there is no sign of temperatures going up anytime soon, with the short- and long-range forecasts from the Met showing possibility or rain and thunder for a few days.

Overall, the morning is going to be brighter with some frosty conditions setting in overnight and as weather turns colder over the weekend.

Rainy and windy conditions are set to continue further in the weekend, with a frosty start expected on Monday as coastal and strong winds take over.

Temperatures will be generally below average, the forecaster said, but with lighter winds and sunshine, it will feel quite pleasant for most.

Meteorologist Clare Nasir said strong winds will continue to be a feature of the UK’s weather over the next few days.

The UK has experienced a wet month so far, and the conditions are set to continue for a while as the jet stream shifted to the south for most of March.

For the remainder of the month, some spells of rain are likely to happen across most areas.

The southeast, however, will see the driest conditions for the rest of the month.

Some strong winds are also likely, with a low risk of gales, mainly for western areas. Temperatures will be generally above average, with colder conditions possible in the north.