UK weather forecast: Snow and sleet to hit Britain as temperatures plummet

Alexandra Richards

Temperatures are set to plummet next week as the UK is to be hit with bracing winds, sleet and snow.

The nation has been enjoying relatively calm conditions over the past couple of days following a rollercoaster December which saw bouts of snow and storms Caroline and Dylan.

But the mild weather is set to change next week, the Met Office warned on Thursday.

A yellow warning has been issued for northern parts of the UK from Monday with forecasters predicting heavy hail and snow showers in parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The harsh conditions are expected to last from Monday evening through to Tuesday afternoon.

Weather experts warned that there is a small chance of power cuts and cancellations to public transport.

Elsewhere in the country, next week looks set to begin wet.

Rain from the north will spread to the south east providing a drizzly commute for Londoners.

As the rain clears, temperatures will drop to lower figures by Wednesday and Thursday. Londoners can expect highs of 5C to 6C with temperatures falling as low as 1C or 2C during the night.

Outside of the city, in the south east temperatures could reach below zero on Wednesday and Thursday night.

Forecaster Emma Sharples warned that there could be a dusting of snow on high lands across the UK.

She said by the end of the week, wind chill will make temperatures feel remarkably colder all over the country.

This weekend will be mostly cloudy and see temperatures peak at 5C to 7C for London.