UK Gardeners Urged To Do These Jobs In September Before Autumn Hits

If you’re an autumn lover like me, you’re probably excited for the month ahead. Between veggie bounties, gorgeous transitional leaves, and that unbeatable autumn light, ’tis the season to potter in the garden.

Like all seasons, autumn makes specific demands of gardeners. So, we thought we’d share the jobs to get done in the marvellous month ahead:

1) Plant spring bulbs and fruit

From daffodils to crocus and muscari, now’s the time to get your flowering spring bulbs in the ground (with the exception of tulips, which are better sown in October and November). It’s also a good time to think about planting your raspberries and strawberries, as these do well when planted in their dormant season.

2) Divide your perennials 

It’s time to divide and conquer your precious perennials to keep them healthy and prepared to flourish again next year. To divide them, theRoyal Horticultural Society (RHS) recommends lifting the plants out gently with a garden fork, being as careful of the roots as possible. Once removed from the soil, shake the dirt off to reveal the roots and replant your perennials either in the same spot or a different one in your garden or in a pot. Water them well.

3) Dig up spuds and pick autumn raspberries

Any potatoes left in your soil this month are at risk of slug damage, so pull ’em out ASAP for a better chance of a peerless potato. Autumn raspberries will need to be picked regularly.

4) Net your pond before leaves fall on it

To keep your garden pond fresh, it’s a good idea to place a net over it so that the inevitable carpet of fallen leaves doesn’t intrude.

5) Collect ripe seeds from your fave plants

Many, many plants come into fruit this season. If you’re noticing a glut of seeds on your favourite flowers, bag them up now, package them carefully, and plant them at the appropriate time. With that said, be sure to leave some ― like sunflower heads ― for the birds.

6) Pick rosehips

The bumper crop of blackberries this year is ending soon, but I don’t see as much attention given to rosehips. The gorgeous (and much easier to pick) plants make for tasty syrups, teas, and even fruit leather. They should come out mid to late September en masse (I’ve definitely seen a few ripe ones by me already).

7) In fact, pick everything

A bounty of food becomes ready to harvest in September. Everything from beets to broccoli to apples, pears, plums, carrots, beans, chillies, and much more come into their own this month (check out this list for the best seasonal food buys in September).

8) Keep an eye out for seasonal pests 

Whether it’s the cabbage fly caterpillar, the vine weevil, rosemary beetle larvae, or the viburnum beetle, you’ll want to keep a keen eye out for autumn pests. After all, they thrive around this time of year too. 

Happy gardening!