Uber driver sparks debate by exposing married customer’s ‘affair’

An Uber driver has sparked a debate after revealing how she allegedly exposed her married customer’s “affair” by dropping him and his girlfriend off at his wife’s house.

In a recent video posted to her TikTok, Roni, a Dallas-based driver who goes by @perfectly_unbroken, claimed that, while she was picking up a customer, he sent his love to his wife and children outside of his house before stepping into the vehicle.

After they started driving, Roni said that the customer decided to add a stop during his ride and that, once they pulled up to the new location, a woman with a “little bit of luggage” approached the car. Once she was in the car, the driver claimed that the woman told the man that she was “so glad that [he] got away” from “his [damn] wife”.

According to Roni, the man kissed the woman next to him, before telling the driver that he changed the drop off location. The TikTok user went on to recall how she’d heard the pair’s conversation about the man’s wife.

“They continued to talk, and this, that, and the other,” Roni explained. “And she says: ‘You know I’m tired of you putting me off. When are you going to leave your wife?’ And he said: ‘You know I’ve got some things that I’ve got to take care of, let’s talk about this later.’”

The Uber driver then noted that she was only about “five miles away from” the man’s house, before claiming that she works for herself and that she decides how to respond to what’s happening in her car.

“This is my car. I work for myself. I am an independent contractor,” she explained. “If I choose to end your ride, it’s my choice. Uber’s not gonna fire me, Uber’s not gonna ban me, Uber’s not gonna get rid of me. If you are doing something crappy in my car, I have the right to handle it however I see fit.”

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She went on to reveal that “things didn’t turn out so well” for the man when she allegedly took him “back to his house”. According to Roni, once she got there, she made him and the woman “get out of [her] car,” with the Uber driver then criticising the man for cheating on his wife in the video.

“There is nothing worse than a dog,” she said. “Female or male. Pull some s*** like that in my car, and you’re going to get done like that. Karma’s a motherf***er. Be better people, do better in life.”

“It didn’t end well for him today, I’m sure,” she added. “Because both of them had their baggage, and both of them were standing in his front yard when I left.”

As of 26 September, the video has more than 8.4m views, with some TikTok users in the comments praising Roni for doing the “right thing” by exposing the man’s affair.

“Not all superheros wear capes,” one person wrote. “GOOD FOR YOU BABE.”

“This is the greatest thing I’ve heard in a long time,” another added.

A third person wrote: “That’s when you start honking to let the wife know he’s home.”

However, other viewers questioned Roni’s decision, claiming that she was putting her safety at risk and that she shouldn’t have revealed the man’s alleged infidelity, while others shared how they instead would have approached the situation.

“I am not sure about this. Something bad could have happened,” one TikTok user wrote. “Plus his kids were there.”

“Understand this. However, you never know the situation. You be careful,” another added.

A third person said: “I would’ve completed the ride, then went back and told the wife…it wouldn’t be good for the kids to witness that drama…let her go on her own.”

The Independent has contacted Roni and Uber for comment.