Tyson Fury wants to fight Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

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Tyson Fury has named some dream opponents credit:Bang Showbiz
Tyson Fury has named some dream opponents credit:Bang Showbiz

Tyson Fury wants to fight Mike Tyson or Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

The 33-year-old heavyweight champion hung up his professional boxing gloves after being Dillian Whyte in April, but he's preparing for some exhibition matches, which he described as "pure entertainment" and he's hoping to come up against some iconic opponents.

Speaking on 'Good Morning Britain' on Wednesday (15.06.22), he said: “I’m going to do some exhibition matches, they’re not real fights. They’re purely entertainment factor… This is not professional boxing, this is pure entertainment, Hollywood-style entertainment. That’s all it is, nothing more, nothing less.

“The difference is, [with] the exhibitions you’re not there to win or lose, you’re there to enjoy, have a good time and put on a good show for the fans.

“You can fight old-timers, famous people, whoever you want. So I’m looking at fighting Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis, Frank Bruno - whoever. The Rock, Dwayne Johnson - that would be fantastic! You never know who we could be fighting on one of these shows, but that’s what I’m hoping to do in the upcoming future.”

The sportsman - who has six children with wife Paris - was quick to stress the fights won't have a pre-determined result.

He said: "No, it’s not scripted like a stage show. You’re just taking your time, you’re not trying to do any damage… You get to see two legends doing what they do best, dancing under the lights.

“In the fantasy world I would love to have an exhibition with Muhammad Ali, that would be fantastic. George Foreman - all the greats from the past.”

But Tyson insisted the fights need to be work his while.

Asked if he was being paid a fortune, he said: “I don’t know about that, we haven’t talked any figures but I did tell Frank Warren, ‘Show me the money Frank!’ So Frank’s got to show me the money if he wants me to come back on his shows and I’m sure he will. For sure.”

And questioned on reports he'll earn £200 million, he added: “Well, that’s not a bad start, is it? That’ll be alright this morning. That would definitely get me a free holiday, wouldn’t it?”

It has been claimed Tyson is being lined up to take on the winner of Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk rematch, which is due to take place later this year, but he dismissed the reports as "nonsense talk".

He said: "This is absolute nonsense talk. I’ve not spoke to anybody about any real fights with anybody. As far as I’m concerned, I’m happily retired - very, very happy and content with my career and what I’ve done.

“Never say never, that’s what I always say on things, but as far as I am concerned, me and professional boxing are absolutely kaput.”

Although he's happily retired, Tyson is still training twice a day for his mental health and wellbeing.

He said: “If I was in active competition, I would be ready to fight tomorrow. Very fit, very focused, very determined. I’m in a positive mindset. I’ve got a beautiful family to take care of…”