What type of Christmas tree should you buy?

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What type of Christmas tree should you buy?John Fedele - Getty Images

We all have different wants for our Christmas trees: for some it's all about the fresh pine smell, and for others minimal needle dropping – and less vacuuming – is top of the list of requirements. Here's how to choose the right type for you, and how to look after it...

How to care for your real tree

Whatever real tree you buy, before bringing it inside, saw about 2cm off the base and stand it in water.

When you're ready to bring the tree into your home, surround it with pebbles or small stones in a waterproof container and top up daily with water.

Keep it away from radiators and direct heat to avoid the branches wilting and drying out too quickly.

Which type is best for you?

Nordman Fir
Classic Christmas tree shape and good at retaining its dense, soft needles. This is the best choice for minimal needle shedding.

Scots Pine
Strong, twisted needles and a dense shape, plus a pleasant aroma. Its sturdy branches make it ideal for supporting heavier decorations.

Fraser Fir
Slimmer than other varieties, with silvery green needles and a sweet fragrance. Perfect for smaller spaces.

Noble Fir
Excellent needle retention and an intense colour make this tree a real all-rounder, but it's the Noble Fir's strong scent that marks it out from other trees.

Norway Spruce
Good conical shape with dense foliage – perfect for outdoor lights but tends to drop needles quicker than other varieties.

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