Tyga 'buys Avril Lavigne a custom-made diamond necklace'

Avril Lavigne's new necklace credit:Bang Showbiz
Avril Lavigne's new necklace credit:Bang Showbiz

Tyga has reportedly bought Avril Lavigne a custom-made diamond necklace for $80,000.

The 33-year-old rap star recently started dating the 'Complicated' hitmaker, and Eric Mavani, a celebrity jeweller, has revealed that Tyga spent an eye-watering amount of money on the necklace.

Eric told TMZ that the chain features 50 carats of black diamonds, white diamonds and pink sapphires.

The eye-catching necklace also features Avril's name, as well as a pair of letter A's written over pink hearts.

Eric previously took to social media to post an image of the necklace.

He captioned the photo on Instagram: "New Piece Made For The Legend @avrillavigne [skull, heart and diamond emojis] (sic)"

Tyga reached out to the jeweller around three weeks ago in order to help design the necklace.

Meanwhile, an insider recently revealed that Avril is filming a tell-all documentary.

The chart-topping star has joined forces with Disney+ to create a documentary that will explore her journey in the music business.

A source said: "Avril has been hard at work on this in-depth documentary for a while now and the makers have hundreds of hours of footage.

"She talks at length about her life in the film, from how she got her break in music. Some of her showbiz pals will also be in the film talking about her.

"Avril was a teenager when she released her hit debut album so her career has been really interesting. There’s a lot to talk about."

Avril previously admitted that she found teenage stardom to be "really awkward".

The singer shot to fame during her teens, after releasing her debut album in 2002 - but Avril admitted she wasn't comfortable with the attention that came her way.

She shared: "I was so young and so shy. Being on camera for the first time and talking was really awkward for a teenager.

"I envied bands - because all five of the guys get to do interviews together and travel together and go on stage together. But it's always just been me by myself for my whole career."