Tyga is 100% trolling Travis Scott about Kylie Jenner with his latest outfit

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As two of the world's most famous rappers, Tyga and Travis Scott are undoubtedly seen by many as competitors, at least in the music scene. But the fact they now also share a very high profile ex (Kylie Jenner) kinda throws that assumption, however accurate, into overdrive. Especially since Kylie's reportedly been spotted hanging out with Tyga again just days after confirming her split from Travis.

While Travis has since denied that his break up with Ky was due to cheating allegations, it seems Tyga's now decided to weigh in on the dramz, for a second time. ICYMI, last week, Tyga posted a couple of super suss Instagram Stories, which could be interpreted as confirming Kylie and Tyga's recent 2am hang outs, despite Kylie's claims to the contrary.

But now Ty's at it again on the 'gram, this time making a pointed sartorial statement directed straight at Travis.

Tyga's most recent Instagram post shows him perched on the side of his Ferrari (y'know, as you do) wearing a casual trousers and tee combo, which sounds normal enough, right? That is, until you take a closer look.

After zooming in on the details, you can see Tyga's outfit is finished with a pair of box fre$h kicks. And those trainers just so happen to be Travis Scott's Nike Air Jordan 1 collaboration. LOL.

Check out the post here:

Here's a close up for those playing at home:

Photo credit: @tyga - Instagram

See 'em properly now? Okay, cool.

And this is Travis wearing/promoting the same trainers on his Instagram:

Fans were quick to notice Tyga's shoe choice, along with the subtext:

Peep the kicks 😂

A lotta ppl won’t get it but I do😂

Tyga wear travises whaaat just happened

Bet @kyliejenner gave em to him😂

Coincidence? Possible, but unlikely IMO. Kardashian family happenings are rarely attributed to chance and fewer people would understand that more than Tyga (let's not forget he previously dated Kylie for three years). From where I'm standing, I think Tyga is tryna send Travis message. What the message is - other than, I've got your girl, now I've got your shoes too? - remains to be confirmed.

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