A Two-Part AMRAP That Challenges You To Beat Your Closest Rival

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Let's start with the good news: this four-move AMRAP only contains 18 minutes of work. The bad news? It's going to hurt somewhat. Coming straight from the training hivemind of The Lean Machines — also known as Leon Bustin and John Chapman — the two-part session is designed to test your skill, strength and fitness using a range of movements, including gymnastics, cardio and Olympic lifting.

Handily, Chapman has etched out a few tips and tricks below to help you tackle the impending workload. Your mission? Acquire the kit, chalk up your hands and get to work. It's only 18 minutes after all...


"Know your strengths and weaknesses in this workout. It has elements that suit those smaller athletes who can move their bodyweight fast, but, for bigger and more powerful athletes, try to crush the bike calories faster — this will allow you to slow up the burpees or break the toes-to-bar up," explains Chapman. "Plan this wrong and your workout will be full of breaks and lead to much more discomfort than necessary. Knowing the type of athlete I am, this is how I would approach it: assault bike 20 calories between 65-70rpm, go unbroken on the toes to bar and burpees. Then, singles on the barbell limiting the rest as much as my heart rate will allow me."


"This workout is split in two and, in each workout, the demand gets higher the deeper we get into those nine minutes, so don't be a hero and go the first round unbroken on everything if you can't maintain that pace."


"Understand it's often much faster to take tactical short breaks on movements if the heart rate is getting too high or you are nearing your limit, especially on technical movements like toes-to-bar and cleans."


"During the five-minute break, your heart rate will be coming back down and you should be thinking about what you can do to match your time from the first AMRAP, can you plan things better, or is it just a case of being willing to hurt a little more on the bike, burpees or cleans?


20cal Air Bike

Set up on the bike – your back should be straight and the saddle adjusted so you have a slight bend in the knee at the bottom (A). Go for a maximum-effort sprint for 10 calories, keeping your torso upright, head up and controlling your breath (B). Try not to flail around, basically.

15 Toes To Bar

Hanging from the bar with an overhand grip, squeeze your core to bring your legs up (A). The flick your feet to touch the bar with your toes. Push ‘down’ with your shoulders to move your torso behind the bar (B). It really helps. Scale by touching your knees to your elbows with the same technique.

12 Burpees Over Bar

Place the barbell down, step back and perform a full burpee, dropping down until your chest touches the floor (A). Stand back up and jump directly over the bar (B). Turn around to face the barbell and repeat.

9 Power Cleans @60kg @43Kg

Hinge to grab a barbell with an overhand grip, hands slightly wider than shoulder width. (A). Extend your knees and then hips and, with a slight jump, use the momentum to pull the barbell upwards. Rotate your wrists to land the bar on to your shoulders (B) bending at the knee slightly to help catch it. Stand up straight, then lower under control and repeat.

Rest 5 mins

Then, complete the same amount of reps you got in the first nine minutes for time, can you beat your first score?

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