The Two Nail Colors That Have Claimed Fall Glam

Red and brown manicures.<p>Taylor Hill/Getty Images and Marc Piasecki/Getty Images</p>
Red and brown manicures.

Taylor Hill/Getty Images and Marc Piasecki/Getty Images

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We won’t beat around the bush, there are two nail polish shades that we just keep seeing no matter where we turn: red and brown.

As the color of the season, we were fully expecting a red takeover this fall—and that’s exactly what we’ve gotten. From fiery runway looks to red carpet gowns to glam and everything in between, a pop of the color is fully in vogue. It’s a choice that, though usually associated with the holidays, might just take on a new significance as the shade of fall 2023. And brown nail polish? It’s simply a fall classic, no matter what.

We’ll make the case for them down below, but first we’ve curated the colors you will need to achieve a chic red or brown manicure just like your favorite celebrities. Here are some of our current favorite shades.

Red polish

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An absolute classic, this vibrant shade is sure to make a statement this season right now, or during the holidays.

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A signature shade from the reliable brand, this just barely shiny shade is a bit more muted (or, maybe moody) than the first, but in the best way. For a statement without the fuss.

OPI Nail Lacquer - Kiss My Aries, $11.49 (

O.K., now this one is all about the fuss. The ultra-shimmery vibrant red is meant for making a statement in the biggest way.

Brown polish

OPI Nail Lacquer - Chocolate Moose, $10.79 (

If not the exact shade that Bieber used in her classic brown manicure, it’s got to be close. A classic shade to sport for fall street cred.

OPI Nail Lacquer - Squeaker of the House, $10.79 (

Into something a little moodier? Good, we’ve got you covered. A muted chocolate brown to get you through the rest of the season.

OPI Nail Lacquer - Brown to Earth, $11.49 (

Now, we’re pretty sure this one speaks for itself. It’s not quite black, but it’s not far off either. A healthy dark brown for your most temperamental days.

Celebrities rocking both red and brown polish

With the prominence of the color of the season has come likewise an uptick in red manicures, a style that has always been popular—again, particularly around the holidays—but is now only another manifestation of seasonal trends. The color has been seen in runway glam and everyday looks alike.

Earlier this season, supermodel Heidi Klum declared red her favorite nail color of the moment—and we can’t blame her. Shortly after, she shared an Instagram post decked head-to-toe in shades of the seasonal favorite, including her fiery manicure.

But, in the world of fashion, it’s not all about the classics, either. Several of our favorite fashionable celebrities have put a more unique spin on the trending style in recent months. Megan Fox, for example, recently debuted a bright red bob alongside a lengthy manicure with faint black speckles throughout. By no means an over-the-top shift, but unique all the same.

Red may be the declared color of this season, but brown is the fabulous shade that makes its reappearance every fall. In classic form, it’s back again this year, and, like red, is making its presence known in both outfits and makeup looks.

If not red, brown manicures are the thing of the moment, and some of the most fashionable internet personalities are making as much known.

Hailey Bieber is doing it all when it comes to the fabulously moody shade. She displayed a simple light brown nail polish in an Instagram photo dump in mid-October.

In addition to sporting the classic version, she added a little bit of a twist with her tortoise shell design while attending Paris Fashion Week events.

Whatever your choice, just know you can’t go wrong with either hue. Trust us, we would never lead you astray where glam is concerned.

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