You Can Get Two Five Guys Cheeseburgers For The Price Of One With This Hack

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Photo credit: Five Guys
Photo credit: Five Guys

Five Guys burgers have to be up there with some of the best fast food burgers out there. The actual beef burgers are insanely tasty, and if you add that to the fact you can have as many toppings as you like for no extra cost, you have to admit, they’re pretty great burgers.

So, what if we told you there was a way of getting two Five Guys burgers for the price of one? You’d be into that, wouldn’t you? I mean, how could you not?!

We found out about this genius hack when @hellthyjunkfood shared a video of him doing just that. In the video, you can see him ordering a bacon cheeseburger with a whole load of toppings on the side. The ‘on the side’ part is very important. As is the fact that he orders an extra bun, which he explains is free.

He then lays out all the elements so he can make two burgers out of the one burger he ordered. Because, remember, Five Guys burgers come with not one, but TWO beef patties, so if you split all the toppings into two portions, you’ve got yourself two tasty, tasty Five Guys burgers.

Speaking of Five Guys hacks, an employee recently revealed on TikTok that each different size portion of fries is meant for a certain amount of people.

Maezion Henix (also known as @maezthegreat on TikTok) from Five Guys in Louisiana, USA, said: “Our small fry feeds one to two people, our regular fry feeds two to four people, and our large fry feeds four to six people. So, if I see two people coming in, I'd tell them to get a little fry to help them save some money.”

He added that if two people are sharing an order of fries, he’ll put a note on the order so an extra scoop of fries goes in the bag. How nice is that?

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