Two New Ben & Jerry’s Flavours Have Just Dropped And They Sound Heavenly

ben and jerry's new sundae ice cream flavours
Two New Ben & Jerry’s Flavours Have Just DroppedBen & Jerry's

It's always excellent news when Ben & Jerry's releases a new flavour, but this month they're releasing TWO and we're completely thrilled.

The new flavours add to the American ice cream brand's Sundae range, launched in January 2022, and sound just the ticket for beating January blues.

Dulce De-lish is a caramel lover's absolute dream, with salted caramel ice cream, chunks of caramel bar and caramel swirls topped with whipped ice cream, more caramel swirls and chocolate chunks. Pure indulgence.

ben and jerry's dulce de lish
Ben & Jerry's

If you're more of a chocolate fan, you're going to be excited about Choco-lotta Cheesecake. The chocolatey tub is made up of chocolate cheesecake ice cream, chocolate chunks and chocolate cookie swirls topped with chocolate whipped ice cream, chocolate swirls and chocolate chunks.

ben and jerry's choco lotta cheesecake
Ben & Jerry's

First reported online by UK Snack Attack on Facebook, the tubs are rumoured to be gracing supermarket shelves in February.

Can't wait that long? There are already four flavours in the Ben & Jerry's Sundae range: Cookie Vermont, Hazel-nuttin’ but Chocolate, Oh My! Banoffee Pie! and the Non-Dairy Berry Revolutionary. Each is has the range's signature whipped ice cream topping and creamy classic ice cream below.