Twitter Users Imagine How Trump's Debate Prep Is Going (And It's Hilarious)

David Moye
·Reporter, HuffPost
·2-min read

The first of three debates between President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden takes place Tuesday night and both candidates are preparing in different ways.

CBS News reports that Biden’s camp has been reviewing the Trump’s almost daily tweets demeaning the former vice president, his record and his family as examples of the type of attacks they think the president will focus on.

Meanwhile, Trump is taking a looser approach. CBS reported he has dispensed with formal rehearsals and scripted practices in favor of reviewing flashcards and videos, the network reported.

Still, attorney and author Rabia O’Chaudry couldn’t help but wonder how a hard-to-pin-down and off-the-cuff guy like Trump is actually preparing, and she reached out to Twitter for help.

The responses were very imaginative, very hilarious and, possibly, closer to the truth than anyone wants to admit.

But one tweet in particular may be the most prescient.

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