Twitter Users Are Grossed Out By Ron DeSantis Wiping Nose And Then Touching Supporter

Ron DeSantis’ hand got up close and personal with his nose just before patting a man on the back during a trip to Iowa last week.

In a clip that surfaced on social media Friday, the Florida governor’s hand is seen making stops to his nostrils and his mouth before traveling straight to the man’s shirt.

The snotty interaction came as the apparent supporter told DeSantis, who has come under fire for his ongoing feud with Disney and other controversialmoves, not to “back down.”

Earlier this week, another unsettling moment from the governor’s Iowa visit similarly went viral, with a photo and video showing DeSantis laughing awkwardly during a fundraising event in Sioux Center.

A Twitter user who had initially shared the nose-wiping clip also posted a different video from the fundraiser in which DeSantis again appears to touch his mouth or nose before touching someone.

A second Twitter user posted yet another clip of the governor wiping his nose with his hand at some point, jesting that DeSantis is “snot” going to be president.

Others online joked that DeSantis — who is expected to announce a 2024 presidential campaign as soon as next week — and his nose are both “running.”

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