Twitter Is Obsessed With Ella Emhoff's Inauguration Coat

Justine Carreon
·2-min read
Photo credit: WIN MCNAMEE - Getty Images
Photo credit: WIN MCNAMEE - Getty Images


The world gathered today to witness the historical inauguration of President Joe Biden and the United States' first female, South Asian, and Black Vice President Kamala Harris. And through sobbing tears of relief, Ella Emhoff's sparkly coat offered yet another bright spot from today's events.

While most attendees chose solid colours and monochromatic outfits—purple, in particular, being significant—Emhoff went for a more fashion-forward look. As the step-daughter of Vice President Harris and one of the two people in the world able to call her Momala, Emhoff chose an embellished plaid coat by Miu Miu worn with an oversized white collar peeking through. The 22-year-old artist based in New York City is no stranger to the world of style. A Parsons textiles graduate, the designer creates made-to-order knitwear. (Commissions are now closed, understandably.)

Photo credit: OLIVIER DOULIERY - Getty Images
Photo credit: OLIVIER DOULIERY - Getty Images

Her outfit today solidifies her status as a style star in the making. Is there a more perfect union than Emhoff and statement outerwear? She's affirming any of us who have ever lived in Bushwick and written a zine. She is the face of Juuling on the subway platform. She is the person you follow on Instagram and automatically assume will never even notice you, and that's okay. It's not even a joke: She actually has a depop.

A nation once divided, Twitter came together and praised her sartorial choice on this important day.

And just when we thought we couldn't 'same' her more, this happened.

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