Twitter Goes Wild After Kamala Harris Is Seen Jogging Up And Down The Lincoln Memorial Steps

Olivia Blair
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Photo credit: Alexander Tamargo - Getty Images
Photo credit: Alexander Tamargo - Getty Images


While we don't know for certain, we can safely presume that Vice President Kamala Harris' diary must be pretty full these days.

After being inaugurated on January 20 at the Capitol, along with the new president, Joe Biden, Harris has already set to work just like Biden, who has hit the ground running with various executive orders, reversing some of Donald Trump's policies and attempting to bring the country's Coronavirus pandemic under control.

Harris too has been virtually meeting workers in vaccination centres, swearing in new US government officials and holding international conversations with bodies like the World Health Organisation.

But despite her new workload - not that it was significantly less before considering Harris is a lawyer who has already served as California's Attorney General and as a senator - the first woman in office is managing to fit in time for herself wherever she can. Including on the steps of one of D.C.'s most recognisable political landmarks.

A couple of days ago, a fellow runner by the name of Bobby shared pictures on Instagram of a surprising encounter during his five-mile run in the city. The runner explained how during their run they had paused to see the new glass portrait of the history-making Vice-President when he soon spotted Harris herself running up and down the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial with her husband, the Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff.

Flanked by Secret Service personnel, Harris is seen in the photos and footage wearing a warm North Face jacket, running leggings, trainers, a baseball cap and face mask.

Since sharing the footage, the Vice President jogging at the Lincoln Memorial has gone viral with a number of Twitter users seriously enjoying the footage (especially the Secret Service attempting to keep up) while also feeling motivated by how the VP makes time for herself and her wellbeing during a very hectic job:

What a woman.

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