Twitter is confused by a mysterious emoji on the Ariana Grande hashtag

Lucy Morgan
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Photo credit: Getty Images

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It's fair to say Twitter users are feeling a little perplexed right now. And no, it’s not just because of the election news trickling in from over the pond (although that is pretty significant), it’s because a mysterious symbol has appeared on the Ariana Grande hashtag.

The ‘God is a Woman’ singer, who has just released her latest album Positions, hasn’t yet offered an explanation as to the meaning of this symbol. The elusive symbol has also appeared on Lady Gaga and Harry Styles's hashtags, neither of whom have offered any clarity on the matter.

If you haven’t already had the pleasure (and bewilderment) of seeing the hashtag, it looks like this #ArianaGrande𓂺. As many Twitter users have been quick to point out, the symbol looks a bit (translation: a lot) like a penis.

While most Twitter users are going with the penis theory, some have come up with more eclectic explanations. E.g. that the symbol is really just Ariana wearing her signature ponytail and wearing a mask:

Or my personal favourite, this (sadly unlikely) meme-based theory:

So what's *actually* going on? Is this some practical joke of Ariana's to provide us with some much needed comic relief? An unfortunate glitch? So many questions.

Fortunately, Twitter’s detective skills have come through again, as one user pointed out that the symbol is actually an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph. The ancient Egyptians used a collection of 1000 different symbols called hieroglyphs as their writing system and, apparently, this symbol was one of them.

Plot twist incoming: the hieroglyph literally translates as ‘phallus’, a fancier word for penis. So…we’ve established that the mysterious symbol plaguing Grande, Styles and Gaga’s hashtags *is* actually a penis.

As to why it's there? We'll have to do some more digging...

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