Twitter Can't Handle Mariah Carey's Reaction To J.Lo's New Year's Eve Performance

Hilary Weaver
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Mariah Carey, the ultimate holiday-season diva, gave an interview with Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper on New Year's Eve. Cohen and Cooper were standing in Times Square, where a scaled-back New Year's Eve celebration was taking place and Jennifer Lopez was performing in the background.

That all sounds pretty fine and normal, but the tension and awkwardness was...palpable.

'What's going on in the background? I'm hearing music,' Carey said. Cohen responded, 'Yeah, we got J.Lo behind us, actually.' Carey just smiled through the silence as Cohen tried to move in with his questions.

Honestly, you just have to watch it:

Let the memes flow:

So, as all of Twitter is probably aware, Mimi and J.Lo have some history. Carey's famous 'I don't know her' line first came about during an early 2000s German TV interview. When she was asked about how she feels about Lopez, she literally said, 'I don't know her.'

In her 2020 book, The Meaning of Mariah Carey, she referenced Lopez without mentioning her name. She called her 'another female entertainer on [Sony] (whom I don't know).'

Carey has never discussed the rumoured feud in detail, but she seemed to reference the quote in an interview with the Cut in 2015.

'Well, there was a very interesting shirt that a fan made with a quote that I said years ago that, when I said it, I really wasn’t trying to be funny,' she said. 'I was just being honest and everybody’s kind of blowing it out of proportion but this guy had a shirt on and it was a picture of me that he made and the quote was underneath it — and I'm going to leave you hanging as to what it was.'

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