Twitter can't cope with *that* Behind Her Eyes twist

Lucy Morgan
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Photo credit: Nick Wall/NETFLIX © 2020
Photo credit: Nick Wall/NETFLIX © 2020

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Twitter is currently split into two categories: those who have watched Netflix's new thriller Behind Her Eyes and those who are yet to experience a plot twist to end all plot twists. The dangerously binge-worthy six-part series is a masterclass of psychological tension, following single mother Louise (Simona Brown) as she gets involved with her new boss... and his wife.

The book, adapted from Sarah Pinborough's best-selling 2017 novel of the same name, prompted #WTFthatending to trend on Twitter, so it's no surprise Netflix's adaptation has had the exact same reaction. The last episode in particular provoked some very strong reactions:

Of course some Netflix viewers were more interested in 'the plot' a.k.a. David (Tom Bateman); the mysterious psychiatrist who Louise randomly bumps into in a bar in the first episode.

It seems that Behind Her Eyes also has the seal of approval from Sarah Pinborough herself. Even though the author wasn't involved in the show's production, she shared on Twitter, "Got to say that for all the people congratulating me on #BehindHerEyes imminent arrival on TV, all the hard work was obvs done by @LeftBankPics, the amazing cast, Eric the director, Steve the writer and whole crew - BUT I'LL TAKE THE GLORY THANKS;-)"

Also, we love her mum's reaction to one of the steamier scenes:

Anyway, if you haven't seen Behind Her Eyes yet, we recommended you proceed with caution!

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