Twin Tasmanian Devil Joeys Born At Australian Zoo

Two adorable twin brother Tasmanian devils have been born at an Australian zoo. The young joeys were born at Aussie Ark as part of the organisation’s insurance population for the endangered Tasmanian devil. The joeys are calling the Australian Reptile Park home for now and are being hand raised by Keeper Hewin Hochkins. He says: “I’m lacking a little sleep at the moment, feeding these guys every few hours is hard work, but I wouldn’t change a thing.”. “They’re already showing off their personalities and I’m excited to watch them grow,” he continued. In eight month’s time, the pair will make their return to Aussie Ark and be released into a wild protected sanctuary. Aussie Ark’s population of Tasmanian devils are free from the devastating devil facial tumour disease (DFTD) that plagues wild populations. Aussie Ark relies solely on the community to continue its work and ensure a future for threatened native species. The brothers are yet to be named, and keepers are calling on the public to help.

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