Tweet about bad Yankee Candle reviews on Amazon goes viral

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Tweet about bad Yankee Candle reviews on Amazon goes viral

A tweet illustrating a series of one-star reviews of Yankee Candles on Amazon has gone viral on Twitter.

The tweet, posted on Wednesday, read: “Fresh wave of bad reviews for Yankee candles.”

Reviews included in the screenshots claim the candles don’t have any scent, with many claiming to be “disappointed”.

“No scent, very disappointed and embarrassed as this was a gift,” wrote one person.

“I have always bought Yankee candles and I have always enjoyed their strong scents,” added another, who pointed out that the pine candle was scentless to them.

Other reviewers labelled the candles “defective” because they couldn’t smell them.

The tweet has since gone viral, garnering more than 25,700 likes and thousands of comments, with the majority of people suggesting that the reviews were written by people with coronavirus.

Along with a high fever and a continuous cough, loss of sense of smell is an official symptom for Covid-19. Hence why some people have found the one-star reviews calling out the candle’s apparent lack of scent to be so noteworthy.

“The Yankee Candle people getting bad reviews has been my favorite Covid indicator since last year,” wrote one person.

“This should be a new standardised test fill in the blank,” another added.

One person joked: “Took me a minute, but now I get it... I bet this lines up pretty good with Covid hotspots that’ll be reported in the next few days.”

Another, which received more than 230 likes, added simply: “It makes no scents.”

The Independent has contacted Yankee Candles for comment.

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