Twaydabae tries out the tortilla hack, with a twist

TikTok went crazy for this tortilla wrap hack. Try it Tway's way with Chinese sausage, Chinese broccoli and pork floss.

Video transcript

TWAY: What's up, everyone? My name is Tway. I'm a content creator and chef, and welcome to kitchen Et. Cetera, where I put a viral TikTok recipes to the test. Now the internet is flipping over the very popular tortilla hack, but the recipe seems pretty easy.

So I'm going to be adding in my own little touch to see what all the hype is about. Here we go. The ingredients for the tortilla hack are completely up to you. Here are some of my favorite ingredients that I'll be putting in my tortilla.

So I have Chinese sausage chili crisp, pork floss, fish sauce, mozzarella cheese, cilantro, Chinese broccoli, some eggs, of course, the tortilla, and olive oil. So one of the fillings that I'm going to be putting in my tortilla is going to be my fish sauce, scrambled eggs. I have two eggs right here, and I'm going to add about a teaspoon fish sauce for every one egg.

Add some oil in my pan. This is on medium heat. OK, it's ready.

It's going to kind of wait for it to cook on the bottom a little bit so then I can move it to the side so I can create little egg ribbons. And that's one way to make your eggs nice and fluffy. No dairy needed.

And we have nice thick, fluffy eggs. These are done. So now I'm going to roast my broccoli at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes.

Look at all of these ingredients. I'm going to start off with rough chopping my tiny sausage. I'm tossing them into here to just kind of warm them up. All the good umami flavors are going to be in here.

And while that's warming up, I'm going to give my roasted broccoli a rough chop. All right, these sausages are nice and toasty. And now we are ready to start assembling. We're ready to assemble our quesadilla.

I'm going to put this away and bring in the tortilla. This is it. This is the moment that made this recipe go viral. This little slit.

The slit in the tortilla is the hack. I'm going to start assembling eggs first, and then when I do my roasted broccoli next, our tiny sausage, cheese, pork floss just all over, and then just a little drizzle of chili crisp. So the reason why we cut a slit into this tortilla is because we can fold it into a little-- whoa-- that's a big boy. Now I'm going to be placing it onto a pan. If you have a Panini press, that would be best, but since I don't, I'm going to have another cast iron press on top. And then we flip it.

Oh, I'm going to do another press just to ensure that everything stays in there. And voila, there we have it. That's our tortilla. This looks like it's ready, and it smells amazing.

But I'm going to add a little something by adding some Kewpie mayo a little bit of cilantro. I'm ready for the taste test. I'm really excited, because everything that I put in here I already know that I love.

So I'm going to cut it from the tip, because I know that's where all the fillings going to meet up. Cheers. I mean, it was delicious. It was all of my favorite flavors in one bite, such a classic combination of Chinese sausage and eggs. And the broccoli has a nice nutty roast flavor to it I love

And the hack itself, I think, is pretty genius. It's super quick and easy, and I would actually do it again if I'm like running late in the morning or something. I think that this is deserving of a chef's kiss. Thank you guys so much for hanging out with me today. My name is Tway, and I'll see you guys next time. Peace.

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